Elden Ring: New Signs Point To DLC For FromSoftware’s Successful Game

This year Call of Duty might not be the best-selling game according to the NPD group, as FromSoftware’s Elden Ring was a huge success… and if it expands content-wise, it might be a game to look out for around the podium next year.


Sekiro Dubi used to datamine FromSoftware’s games and previously researched Elden Ring’s cut missions and coliseums. They posted on Twitter that they found hints of DLC in the game’s files, which may have been there longer than the possible DLC regions recently discovered by Lance McDonald and Zullie the Witch. They also have a theory: you should pay attention to what loot the bosses drop after you defeat them. These are numbered in the files. It’s about the ones between 9100-9135, but then from 9180 onwards, the items obtained from more minor boss fights (Loretta’s Greatbow, Marais Executioner’s Sword) are given an identifier.

The suspicious gap is the thirty empty flags between 9140 and 9169. According to Sekiro Dubi, these are currently unused and are being saved for DLC by the Japanese studio. They wrote it after the 1.07 update released on Monday, but there’s a good chance these have been empty numbers since the Elden Ring was released, while the same cannot be said for the map IDs shown by the Lance/Zullie pair. They added that the studio can change it at any time, but they see the thirty IDs as being left for the DLC, and that boss fights may come that don’t have to use these unused flags.

It seems logical that there will be DLC, as only Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice missed out on it (although Activision Blizzard was the publisher, not Bandai Namco or Sony). Bloodborne got The Old Hunters DLC, while Dark Souls III got Ashes of Ariandel at the time, and if the game was such a success, why would Elden Ring miss out on receiving post-launch content?

Source: PCGamer

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