Microsoft + Activision Blizzard: An EU Official Has Started A Console War!

Ricardo Cardoso may have regretted having a little fun of it on Twitter.


The European Union wants a deeper look into Microsoft’s nearly $70 billion offer to acquire Activision Blizzard. However, Ricardo Cardoso, the Deputy Head of Unit Interinstitutional & Outreach at the EU Department of Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship, & SMEs (how on earth are you supposed to memorize that?), has reignited the console war. On November 8, the EU’s Directorate-General on Competition tweeted about their investigation, and Cardoso responded wittily:

“The Commission is working to ensure that you can still play Call of Duty on other consoles (including my PlayStation). Also on our to-do list: update stock pictures. These gamers have wired controllers, whereas Xbox and Playstation have had wireless ones since 2006!” Cardoso wrote. The Xbox crowd chorused that he was in favor of PlayStation. One of the respondents was Ryan McCaffrey, IGN’s executive editor, who pointed out that Microsoft had made it clear (repeatedly!) that Call of Duty would remain on PlayStation after the acquisition.

However, Cardoso is not part of the approval process. He merely shared his opinion on Twitter. Because of the situation he kicked off, he wrote again yesterday: “To clarify: I am not involved in the assessment of the merger and don’t even work in the department dealing with mergers. As is clear from my profile, my comments are personal and not a Commission position, whose decision will be taken based on the facts and the law.” Still, it hasn’t convinced Xbox fanboys either: in one of the replies, they wrote the damage is done, the European process is shady, and Microsoft is not getting a fair assessment.

All because of an innocent, tongue-in-cheek tweet from someone who has no say in the decision. Tell us, is this the 90s?

Source: PCGamer

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