Eder Scrolls Universe In Crusader Kings 3? This Mod Shows You What It Can Be Like! [VIDEO]

Elder Kings 2 is out now – the mod that brings the fantastic world of the Elder Scrolls to Crusader Kings 3!



The fantasy world of The Elder Scrolls series has a rich history. Much more than is present in the games. It is referenced through in-game books, texts and lore notes. Not to mention novels and the like. Meanwhile, the Crusader Kings series specialises in the exquisite. It tries to model the incredible complexity of medieval politics over hundreds of years in a region stretching from West Africa and Iceland to Siberia, Tibet and Bangladesh.

You may not be surprised that many people like one and enjoy the other.

Hence Elder Kings 2, a sprawling and profoundly immersive mod for Crusader Kings 3, recreates “the world of The Elder Scrolls in the tumultuous times of the Second Era”.

Elder Kings 2 introduces an elaborate magic system. Also, new and strange political systems for non-human cultures. New inheritance systems for feudal lands and Elder Scrolls star charters. Of course, you can also be a vampire. Not to mention the obvious stuff, just so the world of Tamriel can exist in the game at all.





We get a vast map, about two-thirds the size of the base CK3 map. In addition to the ten well-known Elder Scrolls fantasy races, others such as the Tsaesci, the Lilmothiit, the goblins and the Kothringi also appear. Plus lots of new cultures and a system to give these cultures a homeworld true to the universe’s history. As well as rules for the various divine pantheons and patron gods of the fantasy world and their holy places.

If this sounds familiar, it might be because a similar mod has already been made for Crusader Kings 2.

That was impressive work, but it looks like child’s play compared to what the team has done for this game. The Elder Kings mod does not require the DLC for Crusader Kings 3, the Royal Court, which was released. However, according to the creators, some of the mod’s experiences – such as the Emperor of Cyrodiil – are much better when enabled.

Elder Kings 2 can be found at the link below. It can be downloaded via Steam Workshop or Nexusmods. The team warns that the first launch can be a bit slow as it calculates shaders and textures – but only the first time.

Source: Elder Kings 2

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