A “Grim” Future For Marvel’s Avengers? [VIDEO]

It wouldn’t be a significant surprise if Square Enix were to announce in a few months that this live service game was over, as the Japanese publisher has already had experience in this area (suffice it to say two words: Babylon’s Fall).


The future of Marvel’s Avengers does not look bright, according to a person from the game’s community, Miller. And he’s not just a random person because he’s leaked correctly about the game’s DLC, updates, and skins and has been picked up by IGN, Eurogamer, and Forbes. As a guest on a podcast, he’s talking about how the game’s future at Crystal Dynamics (no longer part of Square Enix) is bleak (he sees it falling to the ground in two years), and for a good reason.

He also had a slightly optimistic comment about She-Hulk, who has been rumored for a long time and will one day make it into Marvel’s Avengers (although her situation is not as ridiculous as Spider-Man’s: he was announced as a PlayStation-exclusive character before the game was even released, and then the community waited months for him to appear…).

Miller was asked a question on The Lunch Table podcast, embedded below: will there be masses of new players for Marvel’s Avengers? “I got to tell you. I’m not sure we ever will… There’s only so much that I can say. I’ve had conversations in the last few weeks that paint a rather grim picture of the future… I was on record a few months ago saying I don’t think we will make it to the 4.0 update series. I don’t see it. I mean, that’s over a year away. We still have the whole 3.0 update series to get through,” Miller said.

As for She-Hulk, he said he would be the next character after Black Panther (released with the War for Wakanda update in August). Voice actor Krizia Bajos has already recorded several things for the character, but due to crew changes, it may have been postponed for better multiplayer and Jade Foster. According to Miller, her appearance will follow once Embracer Group provides the budget and people for an entirely original character.

Recently, the game’s lead designer lost his position as a spokesperson for the studio because of his divisive tweets. After that, who knows what will happen to Marvel’s Avengers.

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