The star of the new Exorcist tells the skunks to calm down

MOVIE NEWS – The 1973 The Exorcist is by public consensus one of the best horror films in the world, which is why there are skeptics who don’t have much hope for the upcoming new production, which tells the original story in a new way.


The naysayers point to the fact that the two sequels to the classic movie turned out to be much weaker, not to mention the various clones that tried to recycle the story’s motifs during the last carnage. There was also outrage that director David Gordon Green did not accept William Friedkin as executive producer of the new opus, even though he directed the original masterpiece. (Green recently produced the new Halloween trilogy, and did not distract some of the creators of the classic Halloween/1978/, led by director John Carpenter, from the three films.)</p >

The other day, Deadline managed to get the lead character of the new Exorcist, Leslie Odom Jr, on the mic. >, who tries to calm the mood. According to him, the remake that is currently being prepared will be scarier than the original, and it will not be far behind in depth of thought, as it also dissects the issues of redemption, sin and guilt, but in a 21st century approach.

(The Exorcist – domestic premiere: October 12, 2022)

Source: UIP

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