PlayStation Plus Subscribers Want New Games

They would like it not to be a rare case for a game to be launched on PlayStation Plus (especially at the lowest, Essential tier), as these titles have had outstanding success in the past.


Previously, we’ve seen that when a new game is launched on PlayStation Plus out of the box, there’s interest in it. Fall Guys, Rocket League and Stray have all proven that new games are worth it for Sony to put them onto PlayStation Plus (and Microsoft, who are looking to acquire Activision Blizzard King, have gone further: we recently wrote that they think it would be worthwhile to get exclusives onto PlayStation Plus, as they do on Xbox Game Pass).

We’ve already reported on the PlayStation Plus Essential offerings for December after billbil-kun on Dealabsen once again successfully leaked the three games. (And yes, Sony did add the idiotic comment in their post again that “PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium titles will be announced later this month” when they published their post on November 30…) Divine Knockout: Founders Edition is the most relevant of the three games, as it will also be available as a new release for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

On Reddit, the users are hopeful for more, but knowing Sony, a more frequent “Plus-launch” will only happen if the market situation forces the company to do so. Suppose God of War: Ragnarök hadn’t sold more than 5 million copies in a few days on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. In that case, it’s almost sure that Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan would have issued the order to put new first-party exclusives on PlayStation Plus Premium (which is rarely expanded with PS1, PS2, and PSP titles these days…).

It would be an excellent idea, but Sony can be very stubborn in this regard. They’d instead take advantage of the market situation (as they have increased prices barely two years after the launch of PlayStation 5).

Source: PSL

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