The Callisto Protocol: An Exploit To Unlock The Hardest Achievements!

An exploit allows players to easily unlock one of the most challenging achievements of The Callisto Protocol.



Players of The Callisto Protocol have discovered a helpful trick. The game was recently released to somewhat mixed reviews, with some horror fans praising it as a triumphant homage to Dead Space. Others, however, were disappointed by its brevity and storyline. Nevertheless, many horror fans are interested in a 100% game completion. Which, of course, means unlocking all the associated achievements and trophies.

The achievements in The Callisto Protocol are primarily simple, except for those that require finding all collectibles and hidden areas in the game.

One achievement/trophy in the game can be pretty tricky to unlock. At least if done correctly. This is the Maximum Security achievement awarded to those who play through the game on the hardest difficulty level. However, there is a way to trick this achievement and unlock it relatively quickly.

For this exploit, players of The Callisto Protocol need to start a new save on Maximum Security difficulty. Once players have taken control of protagonist Jacob Lee, they can stop the game. They can enter the settings and change the difficulty to easy. After defeating the final boss of The Callisto Protocol on the easy setting, all players must do is reset the difficulty to Maximum Security and complete the last part of the game. The achievement/trophy should be unlocked at this point, even if players did not play through the game on Maximum Security.

There have been conflicting reports about whether players can still do this exploit if they change the difficulty at the end without starting the game on Maximum Security.

To be on the safe side, players who want to unlock all achievements/trophies should start a new game on Maximum Security difficulty, switch to Easy, and then switch back to Maximum difficulty at the end.

Chances are that future updates to the game will patch this exploit. This will force players to finish the game on Maximum Security difficulty. The Callisto Protocol will get a New Game+ mode in February.

If this allows players to change the difficulty, they could potentially play through the game on Maximum Security difficulty with upgraded gear, making their lives relatively a bit easier.

In addition to free updates to The Callisto Protocol, fans can also expect premium content next summer. Among other things, new story content. It is unknown whether the post-launch content will include new unlockable achievements/trophies, but fans will find out in the coming months.


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