Could Nintendo Have Lured A Former God Of War Gameplay Producer Away?!

The gameplay producer, who previously worked on the God of War franchise, now appears to be working for Nintendo, where she will handle publishing and developer relations.



One of the producers who worked on God of War: Ragnarök and previous instalments in the series has announced that she is leaving the Sony team to pursue a new opportunity. The veteran is settling into a very different role, helping to attract third-party experiences to the Nintendo ecosystem.

Narrative-driven video games have gotten a rather bad rap for having a less-than-polished combat system, often due to conscious decisions made during development that focus on specific aspects of the game.

God of War, however, is arguably one of the franchises that have successfully struck a balance between these two elements. It seamlessly integrates deceptively simple and fun combat into narrative-centric gameplay.

Hannah Foell, one of the games’ highly regarded combat system producers, announced her new position on Twitter. She attached a video updating her bio to “[Senior] Manager, Partner Management @Nintendo”. A subsequent tweet confirms that she will be joining the Nintendo of America third-party team. As she puts it, “to drive developer and publisher relationships.” Finally, she expresses excitement at the prospect of working with “AAA developers” to bring new experiences to the company.

Going from producer of combat to manager of external partners is a significant leap, and the responses were full of congratulatory messages from colleagues.

Her experience is likely to be invaluable at Nintendo. A seemingly family-friendly company that prefers not to indulge in the brutality that God of War is known for. However, time spent on such a significant franchise will undoubtedly help judge which third-party-developed titles can viably make it into the company’s catalogue.

God of War: Ragnarök will probably never come to Nintendo platforms. However, other triple-A titles and franchises have already made it there. Once thought impossible, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Skyrim have both made it to Nintendo Switch successfully. What’s more, they did so without Cloud Streaming – the traditional method of playing content-rich games on a console.

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