This is How the Dance of the Killer Robot Became a Viral Video

MOVIE NEWS – A little girl, Cady, is orphaned, but fortunately, her aunt, Gemma, is a robot engineer and inventor. Hence, she builds a giant doll blessed with artificial intelligence for her to be her friend and bodyguard at the same time. However, M3GAN’s self-developing software further interprets the latter function, and soon everyone who looks at Cady badly will be in danger.


The trailer for M3GAN captured the imagination of fans of the genre so much that the Internet was immediately flooded with memes, mainly with the other cult-like killer dolls; Chucky and Annabelle were somehow associated with the new favorite. Well, with this, the internet people surprised the film crew because they prepared their own memes to promote the production. “We welded together a few memes about M3GAN, but it turned out to be unnecessary because everyone had already put their own on the Internet,” said Allison Williams, the film’s producer and one of its main characters ( Gemma) to Entertainment Weekly. “It was a wonderful day when this was revealed because it proved that our concept was correct.”

Of course, the creepy dance of the killer robot became a viral video, and the film director, Gerard Johnstone, was happy about it, because the choreography came from his tired brain. “It was three in the morning, I was sleeplessly tossing and turning, I could barely see out of my head, and then M3GAN appeared in front of me, writhing intermittently in the half-dark corridor as if the subprogram controlling the motor functions had shorted out – said the director. “This chilling choreography could only have been born in this state.”

(M3GAN – domestic release: January 12, 2023.)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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