Returnal Also Coming To PC Soon Like The Last of Us Part I?! Interesting Sign Points To This

The ESRB ratings for the PC ports of The Last of Us Part I and Returnal have been released, further confirming the games’ upcoming release on the platform.



ESRB has published the ratings for the PC ports of PlayStation-exclusive games Returnal and The Last of Us Part I. This indicates that official releases of the titles should not be too far away. Of course, it’s not that much of a surprise. The PC port of The Last of Us was recently confirmed to be released in March 2023. Also, the PC port of Returnal was announced during The Game Awards 2022, although it comes with surprisingly high system requirements.

Sony seems to be hooked on PC ports, with big titles such as Days Gone, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn all making the jump to PC, and The Last of Us Part I and Returnal will continue the trend.

While a release date for The Last of Us Part I has already been confirmed, there is still no set timetable for Returnal’s PC debut. This means that it will probably be released several months after The Last of Us. Sony’s PC releases tend to be quite staggered. So far, there have been no more than a small handful of releases per year. The Returnal’s recently released Ascension DLC will likely be included in the bundle. Sony’s first-party PC ports are usually complete at release.

This news also opens the door to speculation about future PC games to be released by Sony. If Sony is willing to port a significant PS5-exclusive game like Returnal to PC, other fan-favourite games like Horizon Forbidden West, God of War: Ragnarok and Demon’s Souls may not be so far behind.

Also, while this is a great start, Sony may want to consider improving its subscription services on PC. Currently, PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers playing on PC can only stream titles. Downloading is not available. This contrasts with the widely praised Xbox Game Pass service. That is significantly easier to access on the platform. Overall, Sony’s decision to embrace PC gaming is a positive one for most gamers, although it is not without a few minor caveats that could be ironed out.

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