Goat Simulator 3 Developers Could Face Legal Action Over GTA VI Leak?!

A Goat Simulator 3 advert has been pulled by Take-Two after it deliberately included leaked gameplay from GTA VI.



An advert for Goat Simulator 3 featured trolling typical of the game. It contained gameplay from the massive GTA VI leak earlier this year. It didn’t take long for GTA publisher Take-Two to issue a DMCA notice to remove the video.

The currently unavailable ad featured a humorous review of an NPC named Shaun, who describes his duties as including walking around, picking things up and sitting on a bench.

The GTA VI clip comes at the end of the ad when Shaun says he can be seen in some “footage that leaked a few months ago”.

The fact that the developers of Goat Simulator responded to the original tweet with a meme-turned-“I’m in danger” GIF from the Simpsons indicates that they probably knew what they were doing here. It remains to be seen whether Take-Two will take further legal action beyond the DMCA notice.

The third part is a sequel to the misleadingly titled original Goat Simulator. It’s a humorous sandbox game that operates with Tony Hawk Pro Skater-like combos and lots of silliness. The game was released in November and received lukewarm reviews – we weren’t too impressed with it either.

Source: Egames.news

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