Four Unannounced Silent Hill Games In The Pipeline?

Konami seems to have suddenly gone all-in with its IP (which hasn’t been used for years outside of pachinko machines) to several developers…


The other day, we reported that Silent Hill: The Short Message for PlayStation 5 was being rated in Taiwan after South Korea. An artwork image and brief description on the local age rating committee website revealed more details about the as-yet-unannounced project. Dusk Golem pointed them out on the ResetEra forum, where he also mentioned that it is not the only unannounced Silent Hill game from Konami.

According to him, Silent Hill: The Short Message is not one of the three projects he has heard about. So that’s four games in total, although, since what he says is not official, it’s worth questioning what he says because although we’ve heard from him before, mainly about the Resident Evil franchise, not all of his rumors have been confirmed over the months and years. At least he is more reliable than Hasan Kahraman. Does anyone remember Abandoned…?

Yesterday, we summarized what the officially confirmed projects are, so let’s quote ourselves, “There’s the Silent Hill 2 Remake, running on Unreal Engine 5 and being developed by the Bloober Team (Layers of Fear, The Medium, Observer), No Code (Stories Untold, Observation) is working on the Silent Hill Townfall spinoff, and Taiwanese NeoBards, known for Resident Evil: Resistance and Resident Evil: Re:Verse, is making Silent Hill f, set in 1960s Japan. Konami confirmed these in the autumn, and to these can be added the interactive series Silent Hill: The Ascension, which is being worked on by Bad Robot, Behavior Interactive, and Genvid.”

If the four projects yet to be confirmed are authentic (one has already been evaluated, so it could be three), one has to ask if this isn’t overkill for an IP that has never been that outstandingly mainstream except maybe parts 2 and 3.

Source: GameRant

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