Hogwarts Legacy: Don’t Like The Other Wizards? Turn Them Into Chicken! [VIDEO]

A new gameplay clip from Hogwarts Legacy shows a spell that lets players, surprise-surprise, turn their enemies into chickens…



Set in the Harry Potter universe, the action-RPG Hogwarts Legacy has a combat system that largely revolves around spell casting. A lot of spells have been revealed since the game was first unveiled. This confirms that players will have millions of tools at their disposal when facing off against dark wizards and dangerous beasts.

The spells in Hogwarts Legacy include some of the most famous spells from the Harry Potter storyline, and players can even use the Unforgivable Curses.

For those of you who may not be familiar with them, the Harry Potter Hogwarts Unforgivable Curses are Avada Kedavra, Crucio and Imperio, which allow the user to kill, torture or take control of an opponent. Hogwarts Legacy players who don’t want to resort to dark spells still have to protect themselves, and that’s where spells like Pullus come in.

As spotted in a new gameplay clip, players can use the Pullus spell to turn enemies into chickens. This little idea creates an interesting parallel between the game and an old favourite, Dungeon Keeper. In any case, Harry Potter fans can see the spell in action for themselves. In the meantime, they can also watch some other exciting details that are revealed in the clip.

For example, it appears that we are in some sort of arena where the player is trying to complete some kind of timed challenge. A counter at the top of the screen keeps track of the enemies you’ve defeated. While to the right of the screen, players have to complete various Hogwarts Legacy duel challenges.

These include defeating an enemy with something called a Chinese cabbage eater and performing successful combos.

Of course, there’s much more to Hogwarts Legacy than just fighting. You’ll be able to fly a broom in the game. You’ll interact with wizarding creatures. And you’ll even have the chance to take Hogwarts classes, among many others. If the game can satisfyingly deliver all of this content, it could become one of the year’s biggest games. (Unless too many people boycott it.) It will be exciting to see if Avalanche Software can pull it all off.

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