Nvidia & Valve Want A Better GeForce Now Experience For Steam Deck

TECH NEWS – However, according to Nvidia’s GeForce Now boss, there’s no news of a native app coming to Steam just yet.



Both Nvidia and Valve have expressed interest in improving the Steam Deck GeForce Now experience. The game streaming service already works on Valve’s handheld console, but users must launch a browser. In addition, control is not always easy. A native Steam app could be the solution to make the streaming experience much easier on the device.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now product manager Andrew Fear confirmed that both Nvidia and Steam were interested in simplifying the GeForce Now experience on Steam.

“There is not a native app on Steam deck today,” said Fear. “Use a Chromium browser to make it work. I would say that both Nvidia and Valve, I think we’re both interested in making [GeForce Now on Steam Deck] better. But we don’t have any announcements on a native app coming to Steam.”

Other handhelds that use streaming, such as the Razer Edge and Logitech G Cloud, already have a native app through Nvidia’s GeForce Now Android app. The Steam Deck, as a Linux machine, unfortunately, doesn’t have one.

Steam Deck’s GeForce Now experience has improved since we first tried it on the console, but it’s far from an elegant option. GeForce Now works in a browser, which doesn’t necessarily make it easy to navigate due to Steam Deck’s tiny screen. The control scheme can also be awkward. Especially since the Deck controls may work differently in a browser environment.

And if you’re wondering why it’s worth streaming to Steam Deck, it’s mainly to save battery or to access unavailable and demanding games. Streaming significantly reduces the load on Steam Deck’s hardware so that the device can run for much longer. Similarly, there’s no chance of playing The Witcher 3 in full ray-traced glory on Steam Deck without streaming from the cloud.

Fear has also suggested that Nvidia would be keen to support racing wheels on the streaming service, but again, nothing concrete on that at the moment.

Nvidia recently announced a significant upgrade to the top tier of its GeForce Now service. The new Ultimate tier will offer gamers an RTX 4080 in the cloud for $20 monthly. It brings with it a new 240Hz competitive gaming mode, ultrawide support and 4K at 120fps.

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