Xbox Series X/S Console Sales Could Already Outsell Xbox One?!

TECH NEWS – An industry analyst has reported that the Xbox Series X and S consoles have nearly tripled the sales of the Xbox One in Japan.



The Xbox Series X/S family of consoles has reportedly outsold the Xbox One by nearly three times in total sales in Japan. This is perhaps not surprising for those keeping up to date with sales reports. After all, Xbox sales outsold PlayStation 5 in the region in some weeks in May.

Historically, the Xbox has always lagged behind the PlayStation in Japan, with the latter far outselling the former at the start of the current console generation.

Industry analyst MauroNL reported on Twitter that combined sales of the Xbox Series X/S in Japan reached 400 000 units. He points out that although this is about three times more than the 140 000 sales of the Xbox One, Microsoft’s current systems are still far behind the Xbox 360. That’s because 1.61 million units were sold during its generation.

If this momentum continues, it could potentially mean an optimistic future for the Xbox brand in Japan. Microsoft has the potential for a strong 2023. Especially when you look at the expansion of Game Pass offerings and the release of exclusives. It could lead to a more vital market share in Japan if it fulfils that potential. Because consumers will find more reasons to buy Series X or Series S. This is especially true for the Series S, as it offers a chance for the next generation at a lower price. Moreover, it is significantly smaller than the PlayStation 5 or Series X.

Another factor to take into account is the rising price of consoles in different countries: the recent price hike in India has brought the Series S price close to that of the PlayStation 5 in the US.

If a similar price increase occurs in Japan, there is a risk that Xbox sales will slow down in that country.

Microsoft itself has admitted that Sony has more exclusivity. But the lowest price of the current generation system and an enticing offer like Game Pass has already made the X/S series more successful than the previous generation. If Japanese customers continue to buy Xbox systems, the brand will gain an even stronger foothold. This will allow it to be seen as a real competitor in the country.

Source: Twitter

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