PlayStation Store Gets New Leader: Sony Hires From Apple

You can also create a unique PlayStation Store gift card to gift to someone.


Ben King has been appointed senior vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s direct-to-consumer division. Previously responsible for Apple services, he will oversee the PlayStation Store and other direct-to-consumer services at Sony, including PlayStation Direct. In a statement to Variety, King said that the PlayStation Store is “one of the most visited digital media stores on the planet” and aims better to serve its more than 100 million monthly active users.

“It gives us the unique opportunity to think creatively about the relationship with our users, helping them to unlock maximum fun and joy from the PlayStation ecosystem while simultaneously creating financial opportunity for our games studio partners. We can better serve our community by delivering more personalized experiences, helping every customer to discover the perfect entertainment for them, through the right channel, at the right time,” said King.

Meanwhile, we can create unique, digital PlayStation Store gift cards that can be sent to someone as a printable PDF. On this page, you can choose from a range of designs (there could be a few more), enter the code and the value of the code, and add a message. It can then be sent to the target person by email or WhatsApp (depending on your region), or you can download and print the PDF, which can be more creative (although that requires manual dexterity, which we don’t have).

So you can now give PlayStation Store codes as gifts, which is a good idea, but there’s one feature that’s worked on Steam for years, but we don’t see it working on PlayStation Network at the moment: why can’t you give GAMES as gifts to other people? King should implement it: it’s a convenience feature, yes, but it should be implemented by those who would like to do it, as it would also increase the use of the PlayStation Store…

Source: PSL, PSL

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