1.5 Years Away From Black Myth: Wukong’s Launch [VIDEO]

Game Science has set a launch window for its Journey to the West adaptation (and until then, the studio has to decide what to release it for).


Black Myth: Wukong will be an action RPG built on Unreal Engine 5, with an all-new adventure to come. We will set out on a journey, and it will be essential to keep an innocent heart like Wukong’s, even after overcoming eighty-one challenges. Sun Wukong’s story is not just about his character: it tells us more than that. While he plays the main character, he is only a tiny part of a vivid world, for in Journey to the West, there are many interesting characters and thought-provoking dialog, not to mention the implied darkness. We applaud when Wukong defeats the so-called “villains,” but who are they? Why do they turn against our heroes? They could be cunning fairies, brutal monsters, lovelorn lords, or cowardly gods.

According to Game Science, the excellent graphics, the rich detail, the immersive combat, and the story bring the fantasy world of the East to life, rather than just a few protagonists. It’s a vast, wild, romantic world steeped in fantasy and mystery, yet it feels natural. The night has given us piercing eyes that we will use to discover our destiny. Yaoguai’s soul will be freed.

The studio decided to make a big game on April 1 (more than six years ago now). Six years before that, there was a heated debate about where Sun Wukong was going after his Buddhahood. Twelve years in all, their engagement turned into a mishap. Countless overtime, exhausted nights, they half-jokingly asked themselves if Game Science existed. They questioned many things (whether their other games are more fun, whether their work inspires us…), but they had faith in their project.

Game Science has published a new video celebrating Chinese New Year (when nearly two billion people go on a trip to spend a week together as a family, despite the severe pandemic in China), in which the studio confirms that Black Myth: Wukong will arrive in the summer of 2024. Currently, only PC is announced as the target platform.

Source: Gematsu

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