Margot Robbie Became A Star At A Young Age

MOVIE NEWS – Diego Calva, one of the main actors of the movie Babylon, flew to the forefront of Hollywood in one fell swoop. The 30-year-old Mexican actor was nominated for a Golden Globe this year in the category of best actor in a musical or comedy, and he was also nominated for five other American awards for the same production.


Half a year ago, no one had heard of Calvá except the residents of Latin-speaking countries, and today he has become one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Interestingly, Babylon is also about this: it presents the golden age of the dream factory with all its glory and filth, the period when stars were born from one moment to the next, and they got bored and disappeared into the sinkhole.

Calvá was selected by the Oscar-winning director of Babylon, Damien Chazelle (California Dream), based on photographs, but the actor was chosen for the female lead, Margot Robbie– attributes that he was elected. According to Calva, his first meeting with the actress was the big turning point. During their joint rehearsal, it was necessary to find out if the chemistry between them works, and it turned out that it really does. “I owe this role to Margot because something happened between us,” Calva told The Guardian. “Right away, in the next test scene, I was on a higher level, like in a video game.”

Calva also told us that during the first days of filming, he felt very lost in Los Angeles, returning to his hotel in the evenings exhausted and with a droopy nose. “Margot noticed that I was lonely, so she and her husband invited me to their house, we cooked in the evenings, played cards and went down to the ocean for a swim. I found friends.”

Babylon has won 20 awards and been nominated for 125 so far, we’ll see what happens at the Oscars on March 12.

(Babylon – domestic premiere: January 19, 2023)

Source: UIP

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