Platinum Trophy Hunters, Listen Up: This New PS Plus Game Is For You!

Aimed at PS Plus Premium subscribers, the new game features a Platinum Trophy that’s extremely easy to earn after a single playthrough.



With the launch of PlayStation Plus titles in January 2023, Premium members can download Syphon Filter 3. This will earn them an easy Platinum Trophy. New PS1 games are added to the PlayStation Plus Premium library almost every month. These are mostly simpler games, which means their trophy lists aren’t as complex. So it’s easy enough for players to get that coveted trophy.

Fans were already getting excited when Syphon Filter game reviews started appearing online for PS4 and PS5, hinting that the franchise was coming to PlayStation Plus.

Players can easily claim Syphon Filter 3’s top trophy. The in-game Platinum Trophy does not require players to play through the game anymore. There are no skippable trophies or glitched-out trophies, and there is only one specific action trophy: killing an enemy with a knife. Push Square points out that players can do this quite early on in the game. After that, they won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the game’s 8 hours of gameplay.

Sometimes games can go in the opposite direction. Some easy PlayStation games can have tricky trophies. This usually forces players to play through the game several times on harder difficulty settings. Or even try out the mini-games within the larger game, which can take an absurdly long time to complete. Luckily for PS Plus Premium members, however, Syphon Filter 3 only needs to be completed once, and players can pick up the trophy straight away.

Trophy hunting is a long-standing tradition among PlayStation fans, and many players are very much into the competitive spirit of trying to win as many trophies as possible.

Others, however, like to take their time and enjoy the games for the narrative or gameplay experience. Either way, easy Platinum Trophies like Syphon Filter 3 are not always a given. So PS Plus Premium members should definitely take advantage and pick one up.

Source: Push Square

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