The Last Of Us Is Breaking Records – Clever Video Compares The Series To The Game! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The Last of Us, the series adapted from the popular video game, has made history by becoming HBO’s second-biggest series premiere since Broadwalk Empire premiered in 2010. WARNING, spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the first episode!



HBO’s newest series, The Last of Us, based on the acclaimed 2013 post-apocalyptic video game, follows the story of Joel, an inveterate survivalist and smuggler, and Ellie, a young girl immune to the zombie-like fungal infection decimating the United States. The series has been eagerly anticipated by long-time fans of the video game franchise, and early reviews have been positive – we wrote about it here. The series has made history, with Sunday’s premiere becoming HBO’s second-biggest series premiere since 2010, according to The Wrap.

According to Nielsen’s, and their own data, The Last of Us premiere drew 4.7 million viewers on Sunday night on HBO and its streaming platform, making it HBO’s second-biggest premiere ever.

It was the second-largest premiere since Boardwalk Empire debuted in 2010. The stellar success was only surpassed by the Game of Thrones spin-off, House of Dragons. In addition, the series premiere was almost double the premiere of Euphoria Season 2. The latter is also an acclaimed and fan-favourite HBO original series. Given the premiere episode’s remarkable ratings, the series is well on its way to becoming a top draw for HBO.


Could The Last of Us be an extremely faithful adaptation?


A fan of the games has produced a video that highlights just how accurately the video game is being adapted into an HBO TV series.

One fan decided to put together some videos. They show how closely the TV series follows the original game. In a post on Twitter, the fan account joesttaylors shares a video comparing the gameplay to the HBO series’ cast. Fans of the series responded to the post, praising the actors for their portrayal of the roles.

Several users also commented on the heartbreaking scene at the beginning of The Last of Us video game, saying that although they knew it was coming, they were not prepared to relive the scene in the TV series.

Despite fan concerns and plenty of controversies in recent years, The Last of Us continues to prove why it is one of the most extensive series in gaming today. Fans of the series are hopeful that after the first season’s success, a sequel will be adapted. Druckmann also hinted that a third instalment could be on the cards. But fans are currently waiting for the long-awaited Factions 2 multiplayer standalone game.

Source: The Wrap, Twitter

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