Very Early Alpha Footage of Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Title Leaked [VIDEO]

Some very early footage of Horizon’s multiplayer has leaked online, and fans are debating the possibilities.


Early alpha footage of the multiplayer game Horizon Forbidden West has leaked online. Horizon is an action role-playing game developed by Sony Guerrilla Games. The series takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of the United States and stars Aloy, a young hunter of the Nora tribe who sets out to uncover the mysteries of the world he lives in and protect his people from various foreign threats.

Horizon’s gameplay is largely about Aloy using a variety of ranged and melee weapons against enemy mechs that often resemble dinosaurs and other extinct creatures. Ever since Horizon Zero Dawn was originally released on PS4, fans have speculated that the game will feature a multiplayer experience similar to other popular co-op games such as Monster Hunter.

At the end of last year, Guerrilla Games also confirmed that a Horizon co-op game was in development. And most recently, there were alleged leaks dating back to 2020 that showed early alpha gameplay footage of a potential Horizon Forbidden West multiplayer. In the video circulating on the Internet, various stylized characters explore and fight with mechanical enemies. The style of the game is noticeably different from the Horizon series, aiming for a more cartoonish aesthetic as opposed to the more realistic art style used in the main games.

Other players shared their thoughts on the leaked footage in responses to the video. Several users commented that they would love to play a Horizon game with deep hunting mechanics similar to the Monster Hunter series. One user commented that he was excited to see how the game progressed from pre-alpha footage to the final product, especially due to the use of the Decima engine. Other users commented on the game’s art style, with several disappointed by the cartoonish aesthetic, which is more reminiscent of games like Fortnite than Horizon Forbidden West.

This leak, if proven to be true, is yet another of the many video game announcements and gameplay footage that have leaked online in recent years. As a fan, it can be exciting to learn new information about games, but hopefully it doesn’t negatively affect the talent working on these projects. Until an official announcement is made, fans can look forward to the PS5-exclusive DLC Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, scheduled for release in April, and VR2’s launch title, Horizon Call of the Mountain.

[Very Early in-dev] Horizon Forbidden West Leaked Alpha’s Multiplayer from horizon


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