CrossfireX: the Multiplayer Xbox Shooter and Campaign Developed by Remedy is Shutting Down in May

Developer Smilegate has announced that it will soon shut down its one-year-old Xbox multiplayer shooter CrossfireX, which will shut down on May 18 – a move that also affects its single-player campaign developed by Remedy.


CrossfireX – the console version of Smilegate’s hugely popular PC shooter Crossfire – was released last February on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, combining the original PC multiplayer component with a specially developed single-player campaign .

Just over a year after its troubled release, Smilegate announced that support for the game would soon end. “It is with the deepest regret that we inform you of our decision to end support for CrossfireX on May 18, 2023,” the company wrote in a statement published on its website. “Since the game’s release, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring the game to a level we can all be proud of, and it’s been an honor and a pleasure to support our players.”

“It was not easy to come to this decision,” the statement continued. “However, we are proud to say that our players have been incredibly active, passionate and enthusiastic about working with us to create a game that will be fun and enjoyable for everyone. We want to thank each and every one of our players for playing CrossfireX and they were part of this journey with us.”

Although CrossfireX will remain playable until the servers go offline on May 18, Smilegate notes that no additional content will be released and sales of the game through the Xbox Store will be halted effective immediately. Additionally, players who have made in-game purchases in the past 14 days may be eligible for a refund.

As for CrossfireX’s Remedy-developed single-player campaign, the FAQ accompanying today’s announcement confirms that it will also be discontinued, and customers will only be able to continue playing until May 18th. Today’s news, of course, sheds new light on the campaign’s recently announced departure from Game Pass this month.

“We hope you will enjoy CrossfireX until the end of the service” – concluded Smilegate – “and we will always be grateful for your support”.

The confirmation of CrossfireX’s demise comes at the end of a bleak week for many live-service multiplayer games. On Tuesday, Iron Galaxy announced the closure of its “brawler royale” game Rumbleverse, and the news was followed by shutdown notices for Knockout City, Echo VR, Konami’s PVP mystery game Crimesight, and Apex Legends Mobile.

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