Marvel’s Wolverine: Leaked Details Of Wolverine’s Adventures

Insomniac Games’ game (which will be preceded by another based on one of the Disney-owned Marvel IPs) is said to be heavily adult-oriented.


In 2021, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac Games announced that Marvel’s Wolverine would follow Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Not much is officially known about it yet. Still, Jeff Grubb mentioned on Game Mess Mornings Live (where the status of The Coalition was also discussed and reported on earlier today) what he knows about the game adaptation of the X-Men character, which was announced as a PlayStation 5-exclusive but will almost certainly be released on PC at least a year after its release:

“These are small tidbits about Wolverine that I’ve been hearing from someone I know that’s been very familiar with [Insomniac] for a long time. Hard R is what they’re going for from the concepts I’ve heard, which I think is the right move for Wolverine. I think an M-rated Wolverine game can work. I think an M-rated superhero game can work. They will avoid having links or anything that evokes the Fox movies. This is going to stand on its own. I was trying to nail down the setting. I’ve heard that we’ll start before he joins the X-Men. […] But I don’t know that for sure.

Maybe the surprising thing is that I’ve heard two different dates, and… I’ve heard as early as Fall 2024, which would be wild. […] I’ve also heard internally that they’re still very much talking about 2025, so let’s not be amazed if that happens. It probably won’t be a full open world. Well, Spider-Man was. First of all, Spider-Man has an entirely different traversal than Wolverine would have. They’re probably going to end up doing something closer to open sections of a world. Maybe similar to other modern major Sony games,” Grubb said.

So, in Europe, could PEGI put an 18 rating on the not-quite-open-world Marvel’s Wolverine, which would not hint at movie adaptations and could even be released as early as fall 2024 for PlayStation 5? Sounds good, but remember that this is not official.

Source: WCCFTech

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