Even After 15 Years, Fans of Grand Theft Auto 4 Still Appreciate the Game’s Richness of Detail

Grand Theft Auto 4 fans will appreciate this short clip from the game, which shows Rockstar’s remarkable attention to detail even 15 years later.


Fans of Grand Theft Auto 4 appreciate the attention to detail in the game, even 15 years after its release. Grand Theft Auto 4 was the franchise’s first foray into the HD era and is still considered by many to be one of the franchise’s best.

Grand Theft Auto 4 was released in 2008. Critics praised its grittier, more serious tone, as it stood in stark contrast to the playful parodies of America seen in older titles such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Although elements of this remained in Grand Theft Auto 4, it was toned down with a more subtle approach. The tone is unlike anything we’ve seen in the franchise since, and fans are still clamoring for the game to be remastered on modern hardware. There were rumors that the Grand Theft Auto 4 remaster was canceled last year, but so far these are unfounded.

In a video tweeted by user JustMeRyder, an NPC hides under scaffolding to escape the rainy weather and waits for it to end. While Rockstar’s games are always full of attention to detail, Grand Theft Auto 4 is particularly famous for this, often overdoing the pursuit of realism. One fan even revealed that thanks to Grand Theft Auto 4’s water physics, players can use a helicopter to split up a lake. Much of the technology used in the game was years ahead of its time, with the Euphoria physics engine being the highlight of many YouTube clips.

The impressive attention to detail only strengthens the game’s realistic tone compared to other efforts in the series. When the NPCs hide from the rain in Grand Theft Auto 4, it is believable, as it is also part of the realistic atmosphere that the game presents to the player. While Grand Theft Auto 5 also has an amazing attention to detail, the game’s tone can be a lot more goofy than its predecessor, so hyper-realism isn’t always necessary.

The last title in the franchise was Grand Theft Auto 5, almost 10 years ago. Despite the time shift, fans still maintain an incredible enthusiasm for the franchise, with Grand Theft Auto Online in particular contributing to the game’s extended lifespan. Although Rockstar has been reluctant to comment, last year’s leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 shows that work continues to keep the franchise relevant in the future, and any release is almost guaranteed to break sales records.

Grand Theft Auto 4 is available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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