A New Game Has Been Added to Xbox Game Pass!

Microsoft is again updating its Xbox Game Pass subscription service for February 2023, including a new game. Microsoft is treating subscribers to another new game, as the Redmond company has updated the service again for February 2023, with the Hot Wheels Unleashed game. With the latest addition, Microsoft added three games to Xbox Game Pass in February, although the rest of the month is still largely in the dark.


The first new Xbox Game Pass game in February 2023 was Darkest Dungeon, which was made available to subscribers in the cloud, consoles, and PC on February 2nd. First released in 2016, Darkest Dungeon is a roguelite RPG that received rave reviews upon its initial release and could be a strong addition to Game Pass. On February 2nd, a cloud version of GRID Legends was added, although this was only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers as it came as part of the service’s EA Play integration.

The latest game to be added to the service is Hot Wheels Unleashed: Game of the Year Edition, which will be available to Game Pass subscribers starting February 7 on the cloud, consoles, and PC. Hot Wheels Unleashed is a racing game based on the popular car game that received mostly positive reviews when it was originally released, and this Game of the Year Edition will have plenty to keep fans of racing games engaged. Subscribers not only get access to the Hot Wheels Unleashed base game, but also get to try dozens of DLC packs.

Microsoft has yet to reveal the full list of new Game Pass games coming in February 2023, with Hot Wheels Unleashed being the last to be officially announced. However, more new Xbox Game Pass games are expected to join the service in the second half of February. Fans may have to wait a little longer to find out what new Game Pass titles are arriving in the second half of the month, but in the meantime, there’s at least one title to look forward to.

Titled Atomic Heart, the game will be released on the service on the first day, February 21st. Atomic Heart could easily be one of the biggest new game releases of February 2023, so it will be interesting to see if it lives up to the hype. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will find out on February 21st, and hopefully get to know the other games coming to the service in February as soon as possible.

Source: GameRant

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