Anthony Hopkins & Glen Powell Could Star In Action Thriller Locked?!

MOVIE NEWS – Top Gun: Maverick’s Glen Powell is set to star alongside Anthony Hopkins in the next feature film.



ZQ Entertainment and Raimi Productions’ upcoming action film Locked has two big names in the lead cast. According to Deadline, Hollywood veteran Anthony Hopkins will appear alongside Glen Powell of Top Gun: Maverick fame. David Yarovesky will direct the film from a script by Michael Arlen Ross (Oracle). The film is a remake of the Argentinian movie 4X4 by writer Mariano Cohn and director Gaston Duprat.

Sam Raimi is producing Raimi Productions alongside Zainab Azizi. Ara Keshishian and Petr Jakl are also producers for ZQ Entertainment, while Cohn and Duprat are executive producers alongside Martin J. Barab. Yarovesky previously worked with Raimi on Nightbooks, which led to the director being offered the directorial reigns on Locked.

“Dave Yarovesky so elevated the material on Nightbooks, and he was our first choice for this,” says Raimi.

“The script was so good and he’s such a good communicator that we were able to interest Anthony Hopkins, who for my generation is just about the greatest actor ever. Glen’s character has got a soul to him that’s slowly revealed as the picture goes on. It seems as though he’s just a thief, someone that doesn’t care for others, but as the film unfolds, you realize he has a wife and a child that he loves and he’s wronged, and this whole experience gives him a chance to reflect back on how he’s treated them, and how he’s lived his life relative to them.”

Raimi continues, “Because his time is at hand. He’s told by Sir Anthony Hopkins’ character that this will be it for him, and so the self-reflection is an element through the course of this adventure. But this is not an emotional piece as much as it is an action tension piece, a nonstop thrill ride with characters at the center you learn to care about. That will be a satisfying experience for the audience.”

Looking like a promising movie. Locked has no release date yet.

Source: Deadline

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