If The Callisto Protocol Didn’t Make You Sweat Enough, Here’s Hardcore Mode! [VIDEO]

The Callisto Protocol is getting a significant new update that introduces Hardcore mode for all players and a recent cosmetic kit for Season Pass holders.



The Callisto Protocol has received a new update across all platforms, with the key feature being the introduction of an all-new difficulty level: Hardcore Mode. Following its release in early December 2022, the game has received primarily middling reviews and a somewhat mixed reception from the community. Since then, however, it has received several notable updates that have improved some aspects.

The most recent major update, in particular, was The Callisto Protocol New Game+, which many fans have been eagerly awaiting.

The Callisto Protocol 3.02 update has surprised players on all platforms. It brought several new challenges and improvements to the game, with Hardcore mode being the biggest draw. With less loot, increased enemy damage, an increase in the mutation speed of Biophages and a few other changes to the game’s difficulty curve, Hardcore mode will test even the most hardcore Callisto fans. PC players, in particular, can expect improved raytracing performance. And Steam Deck users will get a bunch of dedicated changes, such as an updated control scheme and improved UI readability. Season Pass owners will also be able to add several new skins. These are inspired by the aesthetics of the Outer Way guerrilla fighters.

It’s good to see that Striking Distance Studios is keeping the game relevant post-launch. Even if The Callisto Protocol is reportedly underperforming, according to its publisher, Krafton. As a AAA single-player horror title, Callisto has the potential to remain relevant. It might even achieve cult status in time. Especially if the developer continues to improve the game in all areas. Also, if the DLCs eventually become mandatory pieces.

One could argue that Striking Distance Studios’ biggest problem in this regard was that everyone compared Callisto to the Dead Space remake.

Considering that The Callisto Protocol is in many ways a spiritual sequel to the 2008 Dead Space title, it has always been difficult for gamers to separate the two projects. And comparisons have generally not worked in the new IP’s favour.

In fact, many consider Dead Space to be better than The Callisto Protocol in most respects. Apart from the visuals, of course. It is certainly debatable whether Callisto holds its own gameplay-wise. The graphical fidelity, in some cases, is downright unbelievable. So the raytracing improvements present in the new update are particularly noteworthy.

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