Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s Significant Leak! [VIDEO]

Following Tom Henderson’s article, more details have surfaced on Reddit.


God of War and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin comes to mind when we see the leaks. On Reddit, revanchisto wrote that a game tester had shared the gameplay of the new Dragon Age, which was in early alpha at the time. The video, about 20 minutes long, covers a segment/dungeon (but he can’t share that, only smaller segments). It’s all in Weisshaupt, the Grey Warden’s headquarters. The gameplay is not quite there yet: for example, the textures are missing. The buildings and whatnot are modeled and textured, but the skybox is dark, and the fortress looks underground. Maybe the skybox could contain an event related to the story.

The player character is an Elvish Knight, but the character screen says he is a mid-level Grey Warden. He has a sword and a shield. There are two teammates, another knight, and a female dwarven rogue; likely, both are placeholder models. The Darkspawns are attacking Weisshaupt, and there are roots everywhere, with Red Lyrium popping up here and there. Because of it, Darkspawns have these attacks, some of which have red eyes. We have to get through them, but an enormous dragon chases the player in the meantime. Occasionally, it causes environmental and traversal hazards. We have to get to the library, close the gates, and then we can fight it. After that, you may have to chain it up, but the recording ends before that. There is no sound, and the subtitles are glitchy and stay on the screen, making it impossible to know who says what.

The combat is real-time, hack’n’slash-like, and it feels like 2018’s God of War inspired it. You’ve got the usual combo attacks, abilities, and a special attack bar that fills up over time. The Dragon Age “ability wheel” also pops up. As we wrote earlier, it’s unlikely that our teammates will be directly controllable, and the Mass Effect-style command option might be in place instead. The animations have been improved, especially compared to the BioWare games we’ve seen. There are no stiff animations. It’s all fluid and seems to be responsive. You can still jump. Little is known about abilities, as there were only two on the hotkeys, along with a special move. One could be a dropkick, the other a “charged” sword attack. The special move is still in question.

The interface is similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition, but that’s still in alpha and, usually the last to be modified. The character has a chest, helmet, primary weapon slot, and a shield (secondary weapon?) slot. Next to them are an amulet, belt, and two ring slots. According to the leaker, the player’s hair looked amazing: it was not stiff.

Sounds impressive so far.

Source: VG247

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