Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Available On Xbox Game Pass At Launch?

It really looks like, although Hogwarts Legacy is coming to a whole host of platforms and services, it won’t be on Xbox Game Pass at launch.



Despite the fact that Xbox Game Pass offers several AAA titles as Day One games, Hogwarts Legacy will be left out. Those who wish to participate in the open-world RPG will instead need to purchase a complete digital/physical copy. The game is also not on PlayStation Plus, staying away from subscription services for now. The game is currently available in early access on next-gen platforms.

As for whether Hogwarts Legacy will be included in Game Pass, we have an answer on the game’s FAQ page.

“Q: What platforms will Hogwarts Legacy be on?
A: Hogwarts Legacy will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC.”

There is no mention of Game Pass on the website or on the game’s social media platforms. While a Game Pass release is unlikely this early, the game could eventually make its way to the streaming service. Currently, the developers have some exclusivity deals with Sony. For example, an exclusive mission for the PlayStation platform.

Given that it’s a timed exclusivity for a year, it’s possible that WB could also make a deal with Microsoft to bring the title to Game Pass eventually.

As it stands, Hogwarts Legacy will not be on Game Pass when it launches on February 10, 2023.

The game is currently available for play for users who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition/Collector’s Edition. The global release for next-gen consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC) will be on February 10 2023. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will have to wait until April 4 2023. However, Switch users will have to wait until July 25 2023, which is sad.

Source: hogwartslegacy.com

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