Hi-Fi Rush Easter Egg Could Hint At The Next Episode In A Classic Horror Franchise?! [VIDEO]

In a scene from Hi-Fi Rush, Tango Gameworks made a not-so-veiled hint about its future plans…



We were pretty surprised when Tango Gameworks announced Hi-Fi Rush back in January. Not just because it was completely unexpected. The bigger surprise was that it was a colourful, cartoon-like, rhythm-action game. The developers of The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo isn’t exactly known for their light-hearted, happy games. However, a recently discovered easter egg may suggest that the studio is about to return to more familiar territory.

A not-so-subtle fictitious news item appears on the screen during the play-through animation before Track 11: The Needle Drop: “Sequel to popular survival horror game franchise announced.”

It is only visible for a second or two, and the text is relatively small compared to the other visuals. But it is undeniably there. You can see for yourself in the video at the end of this article (via GamesRadar, with the appropriate timestamp).

The Evil Within is the only Tango Gameworks game for which this description is true. It’s both a survival horror game and because there are two of them, a franchise. The studio’s previous release, Ghostwire: Tokyo, is also horror-ish. However, it is more of an action game, and there is only one so far. So the “franchise” label doesn’t really apply.

Another point worth mentioning is that Hi-Fi Rush is directed by John Johanas, whose big-budget directorial debut is The Evil Within 2. Many of the staff who worked on the survival horror game have been moved to this game. The second Evil Within also opened the door wide for the story to continue.

The bigger question at this point is whether this is a tease or just a throwaway reference in some flavour text: because there hasn’t been any accurate indication that The Evil Within 3 is in development yet, but it’s a thriving and recognizable title from a major game studio, which makes a sequel almost inevitable.

Even if nothing is being made now, it’s a reasonable assumption that they intend to make it one day. When that happens, we can all return to that moment and nod knowingly.

Source: GamesRadar

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