Has The First Image Of New Xbox Controller Just Leaked?!

TECH NEWS – A leaker has posted what appears to be the first image of the new Xbox controller, due out later this month.



According to a Twitter leaker, Xbox will soon launch a new Velocity Green controller. The bright new colour scheme seems to hark back to the original Xbox colour scheme. Perhaps it borrows some ideas from the online controller customization tool Design Lab. The new controller is rumoured to be released in the coming weeks.

Xbox regularly releases new controllers throughout the year: the latest version was the Stellar Shift controller, which, like all new Xbox controllers, is compatible with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One devices and PC.

The new controller was leaked by billbil-kun on Twitter. He is known for tweeting gaming tech deals. He occasionally shares early previews of upcoming gaming tech. Some that manufacturers have yet to release. In some cases, they haven’t even been officially announced yet. Billbil-kun tweeted a partially blurry image of a new Xbox controller slated for release on February 28. The “Velocity Green” colour variant controller will retail for 59 euros, or about $63 or $64 US, which is roughly the average price of a non-elite Xbox controller.

The new controller is primarily a bright neon green colour, reminiscent of the classic green that Xbox has long been associated with since its inception. The panel at the bottom, where the battery is located, is pure white. And the shoulder buttons and triggers are black, as is the lining around the shoulder buttons. The joysticks appear to be the same bright green as the rest of the controller. The D-pad and front buttons appear to be the same shade of black as the triggers and shoulder buttons.

The Velocity Green controller looks like it took some inspiration from the Xbox Design Lab, the official Xbox controller customization tool that allows users to build their own controller from the ground up with any colour scheme and accessories, albeit at a higher price.

It appears that gamers will be offered a controller that is built in the style of the Design Lab’s custom creations without having to pay the slightly higher price of a custom controller. Microsoft has yet to officially announce the new controller or even hint at its existence. But with a release date just around the corner, an official announcement is expected in the coming days.

Source: Twitter

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