Harry Potter Has Arrived In The Elden Ring – With This Hogwarts Legacy-Themed Mod! [VIDEO]

In your next Elden Ring walkthrough, you can fly a broom over the Lands Between like Harry Potter.



Flying a broom was one of the most atmospheric ways to fly in Hogwarts Legacy, a brilliant action-adventure RPG set in the Harry Potter universe. It offers a tremendous amount of freedom, and that’s probably why a dedicated Elden Ring modding team quickly brought the magic of Hogwarts Legacy to Lands Between.

The modding team, known as Garden of Eyes, released their Hogwarts Legacy-themed mod pack to Patreon backers last week, Kotaku reported.

The current iteration of the mod packs seven spells straight from the game (including a few archetypal curses), a wacky-looking Harry Potter skin, an Elder Wand weapon, and of course, flying brooms.

Judging by the demonstration video below, the brooms really do work as advertised. A serious question is whether the gift of flight will kill any sense of danger in the Elden Ring. The answer is probably yes when it comes to ranked enemies, but like Hogwarts Legacy, the broom also allows you to choose what you fight with and in what order you explore the world. This sounds like an excellent premise for a second or third playthrough of Elden Ring.

I bet some of the boss-fights get even more exciting with verticality. The video shows how Starscourge Radahn (one of the Elden Ring’s coolest bosses) tries to take down wizards in mid-air straight from their brooms.

The added spells look great, too, especially the Crucio curse, which stuns enemies by literally forcing them to the ground. And the Accio spell pulls targets towards you. The other Hogwarts Legacy staples like Confringo and Lumos don’t stand out among the Elden Ring’s much more exciting spell list.

The Garden of Eyes is planning to expand the Hogwarts Elden Ring mod, but there are strings attached: if the above tutorial video reaches 15,000 likes, the modders promise to add more spells, brooms, and characters. If it gets 30,000 likes, they’ll add “a fully functional Quidditch minigame” that even Hogwarts Legacy can’t match.

You’ll get access to this mod, as well as the full Garden of Eyes Elden Ring mod list (including an equally impressive God of War pack if you back it on Patreon at the $5 level or higher.

Source: Kotaku, Patreon

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