Sons of the Forest: You Don’t Want Accidentally Become A Cannibal? We Have Good News!

It is possible to eat human flesh in Sons of the Forest, but players can easily do so accidentally. A new hotfix may now fix things…



Cannibalism is a strong theme in Sons of the Forest, and players can get involved in it accidentally. But if all is true, an update will now fix this.

Endnight’s recent forest-themed survival title is just one example of many titles that horror fans have been eagerly awaiting.

Although it’s a horror game, SoTF’s AI assistant Kelvin is responsible for much of the current popularity of the release. He may be a bit of a goofball sometimes, but fans are completely in love with him. Of course, the game is early access, so it’s still in development.

According to a recent hotfix PC, Gamer spotted Sons of the Forest players will no longer accidentally eat human flesh. According to the patch note, the update has refined several shortcuts. Most notably, it’s been fixed so that arms and legs won’t be eaten when pressing hotkeys. Previously, the player could experience the “item” being eaten when trying to pick up a severed limb as a weapon. For some players, this is acceptable, but for others, it is inconvenient to accidentally eat something they intended to use as a weapon. So this minor update should fix that too.

Although the game features cannibal tribes as the main enemy, Sons of the Forest also features some creepy mutants.

It’s pretty intense to evade and fight off the evil enemies that want to devour the player. The sight of crawling twins, mutant babies or the slug-like creature known as John 2.0 only adds to the horror.

As the game has just been released, many may want to check out some tips to get the game started. Like many survival games, SotF can be pretty unforgiving. Even just getting through the night with enough food, water and shelter without the threat of cannibals and multi-fingered mutants is stressful enough.

Source: PC Gamer

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