Baldur’s Gate III: Larian Will Reward Early Access Players!

Anyone who already owns the new Baldur’s Gate game on Steam (which we recently wrote about: the Xbox Series version will be delayed for technical reasons) will receive a reward from the studio developing the game.


Larian announced in a blog post that the Early Access version would be converted to the Digital Deluxe version on the day of the game’s release, and the studio confirmed it on Twitter. If you purchase Baldur’s Gate III in Early Access at any time before the 1.0 launch, you will receive the Digital Deluxe version with a free update at launch. It’s worth summarizing what this edition offers more than the base version.

The Divinity Bard Song Pack lets you perform some songs from the Divinity series for your audience, paintings from Rivellon can be found in The Forgotten Realms, and the Adventurer’s Pouch gives you more camp options and gear to start your adventure. Thanks to the digital soundtrack, you can listen to Borislav Slavov’s work anywhere and anytime. Still, there will also be a digital art book written by Larian, and check out a four-page Dungeons & Dragons character sheet set for each of the origin Baldur’s Gate III characters.

The Treasures of Rivellon pack also contains four artifacts based on characters from Divinity: Original Sin 2. The Mask of the Shapeshifter is inspired by Fane, the bucket-bearing skeleton, and can be used to change your appearance; the Cape of the Red Prince is inspired by the Red Prince and is a magical cape; the Lute of the Merryweather Bardot is inspired by Lohse, the tortured musician, and is an instrument; the Needle of the Outlaw Rogue is inspired by Sibelle, the murderous elf, and is a magical dagger; while the Bicorne of the Sea Beast is inspired by the Sea Dwarf Beast, and is a hat.

In addition, the physical Collector’s Edition comes with a 25cm diorama, a sizable d20 metal cube, character sheets, an art book, a tadpole keychain, a certificate, and a few cards for the Magic: The Gathering Baldur’s Gate card set. At the same time, the game adds an extra skin to the cube.

Baldur’s Gate III will be released on August 31 for PlayStation 5, PC, and Mac. Version 1.0 will allow you to play through the second and third chapters of the game, and all races will be available along with more spells.

Source: PCGamer

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