Star Wars Film Projects Falling – More Cancellations Announced!

MOVIE NEWS – Lucasfilm has shelved two Star Wars films with big-name filmmakers attached, but a new project is getting off the ground.



Lucasfilm’s two planned Star Wars projects with Kevin Feige and Patty Jenkins may not go ahead at all. However, preliminary reports suggest that a new project from another equally high-profile filmmaker has been added to the list.

Star Wars is the most popular sci-fi franchise in history, and it single-handedly established the legitimacy of the space opera sci-fi genre at a time when it was considered an insult to call any work that within the sci-fi community.

Since the success of the original and prequel trilogies and their acquisition by Disney, the franchise has expanded again with a new trilogy of sequels, one-off stories like Rogue One, and several smaller projects for the Disney Plus streaming service. Following the success of The Mandalorian, the company has announced several additional projects.

However, it seems that some of these projects were announced prematurely. This has led to a pattern of Disney cautioning Lucasfilm against early announcements of Star Wars projects. According to Variety, company insiders have revealed that two projects that were already in the pipeline have now been shelved. Unfortunately, there is very little chance of them being brought forward again. The two films in question are the planned Rogue Squadron movie, which Wonder Woman director Jenkins would have helmed. Alternatively, an unnamed project by Marvel Studios boss Feige.

Lucasfilm has joined a more significant industry trend: situations such as Kathleen Kennedy’s indefinite postponement of Rian Johnson’s planned Star Wars trilogy have become all too commonplace.

It was recently revealed that film director Taika Waititi is working on a Star Wars project that he will direct. In fact, he may even be the lead actor. But no working title, release date or any substantial cast information has been released so far. The same hasty announcement style and the tendency of creative talent to gush about their planned contributions to the franchise. It is almost certain that this project will eventually be delayed or even cancelled.

These types of behind-the-scenes failures can seriously impact fan morale and engagement. This has been seen in other franchises: some fans are so upset that Shazam! Wrath of the Gods director had to take to social media to reassure fans about Zachary Levy’s character. Though Star Wars has weathered fan backlash and controversy, the slow death of interest resulting from DCEU-style cancellations and delays could undoubtedly make the franchise’s post-Mandalorian future riskier than it needs to be.

Source: Variety

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