The Director of Fatal Frame Tells of the Ghosts He Has Encountered: ‘I’ve been Terrified of Them Since I Was a Kid’

In the Fatal Frame series, you have to face ghosts with a special camera. The creator of the series, Shibata Makoto, wrote a very interesting blog post about his paranormal experiences since childhood.


Shibata says that zombies and monsters are not scary because they don’t exist, but spirits are. He says that he often saw and even touched spirits in his life. He also tells some stories about how he and his team encountered strange phenomena while developing the games.

One of them was when they recorded sound and a mysterious voice was captured in the background. They tried to remove it but it kept coming back so they left it in the game! Another one was when they found a CD moving by itself in their office!

Shibata also explains how one of his own experiences inspired him to create Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, which is being re-released. In this game, you can visit Rogetsu Hall, which is based on an old Japanese-style hot spring hotel owned by one of his relatives.

He once woke up at night and wandered around the hotel that was barely lit by moonlight. He saw a stranger standing on the other side of the hallway looking out the window. As he approached him to see who he was, the man disappeared.

That’s not all! Shibata ran back to his bed and tried to sleep but then he felt someone’s cold hand grabbing him with a strong grip! He screamed in pain but nobody heard him because he was too far from everyone else.

No wonder Shibata can make such good horror games! If you want to experience these scares too then don’t hesitate to download or buy this masterpiece!

Source: PC Gamer

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