Is The Elder Scrolls VI Coming To PlayStation 5?

There’s a chance that the game from Bethesda Game Studios, now part of Microsoft, will be available not only on Xbox Series and PC but also on the rival platform.


Todd Howard has been busy lately: after falling flat on his face with Fallout 76 (for several reasons, from deceptive marketing to bugs to the subscription service introduced in the full-price game…), he’s trying to rebuild his reputation with Starfield, a brand new IP for both him and the studio, but we wrote a few days ago that it would be released later than planned (i.e., it’s been delayed for a second time). However, after the game was already announced at E3 2018, Howard has revealed what’s coming next: The Elder Scrolls VI.

This game is at least 2-3 years away, if not more (it will be 5 1/4 years between the announcement and the release of Starfield at least, true, the pandemic slowed down development), and since Bethesda is now part of Microsoft, it’s fair to assume that it’s 100% not coming to PlayStation 5, but let’s look a little deeper into this topic because the opposite could be true. Stephen Totilo, writing for Axios, has pointed out a veiled reference.

Last week, Microsoft said two games from ZeniMax (Bethesda’s parent company) would be released for Xbox and PC. In December, however, that’s not what the Redmond company said. It said THREE. Has anything launched in the meantime? Yes, from Tango Gameworks, the completely secretly developed Hi-Fi Rush. So going by what the company said in December, one of those projects has already been released… but there are three games we’re waiting for from Bethesda.

One is Redfall, coming in May. The other is Starfield, arriving in September. In December, we thought it was the Redfall-Starfield-The Elder Scrolls VI trio, but with Hi-Fi Rush, the American tech giant is now saying only two. Could it be an attempt to get regulators to give the go-ahead to absorb Activision Blizzard?

So maybe The Elder Scrolls VI will be released on Sony’s platform after all… but Totilo has asked about it, and Microsoft has not replied.

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