The Last Of Us: Heartwarming Game Easter Egg Is Included In The Series Finale

MOVIE NEWS – One of the designers of The Last of Us video game has revealed that an easter egg tribute to his wife has been included in episode 9 of the TV adaptation. WARNING, this article contains spoilers!



The creator of the critically-acclaimed video game The Last of Us has included a touching tribute to his wife in the game’s storyline. After witnessing it in the television adaptation, he’s deeply touched.

Throughout the season, dedicated fans of The Last of Us game have meticulously analysed every scene, action and plot of the HBO series, looking for hidden clues and Easter eggs.

The finale did not disappoint, delivering several easter eggs. Among them, one is located in a giraffe tower on an abandoned football field.

This Easter Egg is particularly important to Peter Field, the game designer for The Last of Us. He revealed in a tweet that he was shocked that an Easter egg he created made it into the finale of the live-action adaptation. It may seem like a small detail, but the Easter egg holds a special place in his heart. He named the baseball field in homage to his wife. However, the artist responsible for the plaque’s placement and the visual effects shared that it was all just a coincidence.

The tweet was greeted with great enthusiasm by fans, who retweeted, commented and shared their own discoveries about the Easter eggs in the episode.

Despite its seemingly insignificant appearance, this Easter egg serves as a reminder of the love and care that went into the creation of both the original game and the TV series The Last of Us.

Another Easter egg that received significant attention online was the “drop that ladder down” scene. During the game, Joel repeatedly lifted Ellie up so she could drop a ladder. This particular scene is depicted exactly as it is in the game. Ellie is excited when she reaches the ledge and almost hits Joel when she drops the ladder.

Overall, the finale is the series’ strongest and most divisive episode so far. After the final scene, many people debated whether Joel’s actions were justified. Joel, to ensure Ellie’s survival, goes on a rampage. Fans are divided over whether it was worth risking the survival of all humanity to save one girl.

Source: Collider, Twitter

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