Need For Speed Unbound Gets A Paid Cheat [VIDEO]

In addition to Milestone’s games, Capcom has used this approach in Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake.


Need For Speed Unbound will receive a new update on March 21. It’s called Volume 2, and Electronic Arts and Criterion have hidden a solution that used to be accessible with a button combination, but nowadays, they put cheats behind a paywall. But let’s see what’s included in this content update, which will be free except for one portion, which we will discuss later.

“Enjoy a plethora of additional content, including Endurance Events and brand-new Rumble Races. Players can also provoke cops into thrilling high-speed multiplayer chases with the help of friends or turn the tables to play against them to earn the biggest rewards. Compete in 40 new challenges, including three daily challenges to earn rewards, including XP and Bank. Players can also take on new Hot Laps circuits for an intense 30-second rush as they race against the clock to earn new reward content. New Playlist Events inject even more variety into the mix — complete Playlists to earn big rewards, including a Rare Custom Lotus Emira Balmain Edition. Players can show off their style on the streets of Lakeshore with new driving effects, poses, stickers, and more.”

And that brings us to the punchline, the additional paid DLC. We will quote its description: “Keys to the Map DLC: Available for $4.99, this DLC reveals the map location of all 260 collectibles (100 Bears, 80 Street Art, and 80 Billboards) and 160 activities. It also has an exclusive “Fury and Zen” clothing pack.” So it offers the same thing you’ll find in Forza Horizon. Except it used to be a no-pay cheat in the past. Where is the gaming industry going…?

Source: WCCFTech

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