Steam Deck OLED? Valve Is Not Ruling It Out!

However, Gabe Newell’s company has stressed that it would be no easy task…


The Steam Deck has been a much bigger success than Valve’s previous attempt regarding PCs (true, Steam Machines were nothing more than a horde of prebuilt computers supported by the company… ). With that, the company will surely come out with a new model in the future, as the three models currently available (which differ only in storage type – eMMC, NVMe SSD – and capacity) will become obsolete over time, so the AMD processor and graphics chip inside will not be able to run the new games properly.

Pierre-Loup Griffais, an engineer at Valve, told PCGamer that the company is not ruling out packing an OLED panel into the Steam Deck to replace the current LCD, but it would be a technological challenge for them: “I think it would be a larger amount of work than people are assuming it would be. I don’t think we’re discounting anything. But the idea that you could just swap in a new screen and be done would need more than that to be doable. It’s just something you have to plan. While working on this screen, we ensured these could be supported, even if the refresh rate switching wasn’t ready at release. It was essential to us that all that would be supported. So it’s something that you need to keep in mind when you’re evaluating and selecting possible options. It’s about how you’re designing the whole system and what’s in between the screen and the SOC (system-on-a-chip).”

The OLED display would be an interesting upgrade because of the color reproduction (the PlayStation Vita showed it off before the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch). However, the comment suggests that even if Valve were to create the Steam Deck OLED, it would still take time. Perhaps there could be a shift when Valve makes a new version of the portable PC. If they have strong enough AMD technology, they can start designing Steam Deck 2.

Until then, we’ll make do with the first one.

Source: WCCFTech

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