Don’t Regret Buying the Steam Deck Early! Valve Surprises You with a Compensation

Valve makes a generous gesture to those players who bought the Steam Deck handheld console before the recent sale. The buyers get back the difference in Steam Wallet credit.


Valve’s Steam Deck handheld console is hugely popular among players who can play their PC games anywhere. The Steam Deck is now 10% cheaper until March 23.

Valve’s handheld console debuted in early 2022 and revolutionized handheld PC gaming. Valve had not been very successful in the gaming hardware market before and only stood out with a few products such as the Valve Index VR headset or the Steam controller. The Steam Deck quickly conquered the players. The handheld console is so powerful that it can handle even most high-end PC titles and a recent list shows that Steam Deck owners play everything on it from simple games (Vampire Survivors) to huge RPGs (Persona 5 Royal).

However, many may have been annoyed that they bought the Steam Deck shortly before Valve reduced its price by 10% as part of the sale. But they don’t have to be discouraged because Valve makes a generous gesture to them. A Reddit user says that some Steam Deck buyers received a message from Valve support saying that they can get the difference in Steam Wallet credit. The amount of credit depends on which version they chose of the handheld console but it may be enough to buy a few games in the huge Steam spring sale.

Reddit users reported mixed experiences about whether they got credit or not. Some said they bought the Steam Deck 12 days or more ago and got nothing. Others claimed that they were credited with credit within hours of writing to Valve. It seems then that only those who bought the handheld console no more than a week before the sale have a chance for this gift.

So if you are one of them try contacting Valve support and claim your 10% Steam Wallet credit. Maybe you can use it for some great games that were released this year such as Hi-Fi Rush or Dead Space Remake.

Source: Gamerant

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