Lance Reddick: The Star of John Wick and the Voice of Destiny Was A Huge Gamer, We Find Out What His Last Game of His Life Was the Day He Passed Away!

Lance Reddick, who passed away last week at the age of 60, was not only a great actor but also a passionate video gamer. The night before he died, he was still playing Destiny 2.


Lance Reddick’s name may not ring as familiar as Keanu Reeves or Laurence Fishburn’s, but he was a major player in the John Wick films. He played Charon, the mysterious concierge who helped John Wick escape the underworld. But it wasn’t just on the big screen: his deep and distinctive voice has also been heard in a number of games. His best-known voice role was Commander Zavala in the Destiny games.

Reddick loved the role so much that he became a big fan of Bungie’s sci-fi shooter series. The night before his death, he logged in for one last game with Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion pack. This was discovered by a Reddit user who googled Reddick’s username and looked up his last activity. It turned out that Reddick was only one mission away from completing the entire add-on.

Reddick had spent more than 2,800 hours in both Destiny games combined, playing mostly with Warlock and Titan characters. The game’s community commemorated him in a fitting way, with many people gathering near Zavala in the Tower to lay their memorial markers.

In addition to Destiny 2, Reddick was also heard in other games. In Horizon: Zero Dawn and its sequel Forbidden West, he voiced Sylens, the enemy scientist who helped Aloy understand the secrets of the world. Reddick’s voice and face were also used to create the character. Reddick also appeared in Quantum Break as Martin Hatch, a mysterious businessman. Reddick’s talent and passion has been recognised and praised by many game developers and gamers.

The news of Reddick’s death was attributed to natural causes. At the premiere of John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski both paid tribute to his memory with moving words. Reeves said, “Fucking sucks that he’s not here right now.”

Rest in peace!

Source : PC Gamer

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