Fortnite: Another Exclusive Bundle For PlayStation Players!

Fortnite is releasing a new bundle exclusively for PlayStation players who can get free cosmetic items to equip their characters.



PlayStation players can take advantage of a new exclusive Fortnite bundle that includes cosmetic items. With each new season of the game, players will see a significant variety of items added to the game.

Chapter 4 of Fortnite Season 2 began this month and is well underway, with Epic Games’ battle royale introducing players to the vibrant colours of the futuristic cyberpunk theme and a host of new features.

Popular Fortnite spiller iFireMonkey has spotted a new bundle available for PlayStation players. Dubbed the Chilling Mystery Gear Pack, the bundle is not as flashy as the collaboration with Attack on Titan. However, it does bring free items to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The bundle includes the Future Relic Scythe Pickaxe Pickaxe. Also included are the Neon Gradient Wrap, the Icyburn Emoticon and the Chilling Mystery Banner. The latter follows the visual pattern of the second season, with a modern style and turquoise-purple colour scheme. It is important to note that, unlike the others, the bundle does not include free skins. It is also unclear how long the items will be available to players.

Fortnite Season 2 includes several visual changes and a new battle pass with new items to unlock. However, these are not the only new features. In addition to facing the dangers of Megacity, players will also find new augments, one of the latest and most exciting features of the game. With augments, Fortnite players will receive unique buffs during matches, making encounters even more fun.

For more creative players, Fortnite is introducing a powerful new feature – the Unreal Editor – which will allow you to develop games, further expanding the fun of the game.

PlayStation Plus subscribers often receive various discounts, so the Chilling Mystery Gear Pack is a nice extra. The items have a simple aesthetic but fit in with the visual idea of the current Fortnite season. Players can equip these items to play new matches. Or they can simply lock in the pack and wait to see what crossovers will be in the game in the future.

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