Combat Champions: A Promising Debut From C77 Entertainment [VIDEO]

However, the ownership behind the studio will be much more familiar.


To start, we’re talking about C77 Entertainment’s first game. The company is part of Embracer Freehold, so it’s also part of the Swedish conglomerate Embracer Group, which is expanding at an incredible pace. Here’s the game’s Steam description: “Combat Champions puts you in the spotlight as your team dominates corporate campuses turned game show arenas, performing crowd-pleasing over-the-top stunts and arena-altering destruction, all while holding key points and outshooting the opposition.

It’s a high-stakes, high-reward world out there. Your corporate overlords don’t pay you to be boring; luckily, the CMA (Corporate Mediation Alliance) cameras are rolling and setting the stage for your success. Maps full of destroyable terrain are littered with game show props like corporate mascots, exploding fuel drums, air rams, human slingshots, and slides incentivize you to rack up stunts, catch the attention of the CMA play-by-play commentators, and be handsomely rewarded.

Pick from various classes, each with access to assorted weapons and gadgets, then run, slide, and launch yourself across sprawling corporate campuses alongside your strike team. Work together to keep each other alive, mark opponents, and capture and hold points, all while blowing away the competition. Exciting halftime mini-games and tie-breaker events ensure you keep your head in the game for every action-packed match. Familiar gameplay and controls, relatively short matches, and horizontal progression focused on customization all make Combat Champions easy to pick up for a fun casual experience.”

You can sign up for a private alpha test of Combat Champions via Steam. The multiplayer FPS is planned for PC only and will be released sometime in 2024. Somehow, we get the feeling that there seem to be more and more games lately that have a frame story disguised as a game show. (Suddenly, one such example would be The Finals.)

Source: Gematsu

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