The Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Chris Avellone Are Over

A prominent writer in the gaming industry has made out well, as he has received a “seven-figure payment”…


In 2020, we reported that the writer of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order had been dropped by several studios (including Techland for Dying Light 2: Stay Human and Hardsuit Labs, which initially developed Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2) when allegations surfaced against Chris Avellone that he couldn’t immediately refute for all to believe. On Twitter, two women (Karissa Barrows and Kelly Rae Bristol) called him an abusive, abrasive, conniving sexual predator.

In 2021, Chris Avellone took legal action and accused the pair of libel. He wrote on his blog that a settlement had been reached. Avellone will receive a seven-digit payment, including his attorney fees) after the claims were dismissed with prejudice.

“Mr. Avellone never sexually abused either of us. We do not know that he has ever sexually abused any woman. We do not know that Mr. Avellone has ever misused corporate funds. Anything we have previously said or written about Mr. Avellone to the contrary was not our intent. We wanted to support women in the industry. Our words have been misinterpreted to suggest specific misconduct allegations that were neither expressed nor intended. We are passionate about the safety, security, and agency of women, minorities, LGBTQIA+ persons, and every other community that has seen persecution in the video game industry. We believe Mr. Avellone shares a desire to protect and uplift those communities. We believe he deserves a full return to the industry and support him in those endeavors,” Barrows and Bristol wrote in a joint statement.

Avellone said in his statement: “I appreciate the willingness of Ms. Barrows and Ms. Bristol to work with us in addressing issues within the game community, and their advocacy is to be commended and supported. We still face many genuine challenges, but I am confident we can face them together. In the spirit of these goals, I would ask everyone to respect the privacy of Ms. Barrows and Ms. Bristol and use this opportunity to listen to all voices in improving our culture and our communities.”

Hopefully, she will return to the gaming industry.

Source: VGC

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