Ghost Of Tsushima: Are They Going To Shoot The Movie In Kurosawa Style?!

MOVIE NEWS – From John Wick director Chad Stahelski comes the upcoming video game adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima.



Ghost of Tsushima will be the latest video game to hit the big screen. Following the massive success of The Last of Us and the recent spate of video game-based productions, more and more projects in this style are expected. This adaptation, however, aims to be very different from anything we’ve seen before.

Directed by John Wick and Deadpool director Chad Stahelski, the film will pay homage to the source material by being shot entirely in Japan, with local actors and in the original language.

But that’s not all. Stahelski revealed in a chat with IGN, during the promotion of the latest chapter in the saga starring Keanu Reeves, that his new film could be made in black and white. So while the game will be in high colour, the film will be a Kurosawa-esque version, paying homage to the acclaimed Japanese director.

This would definitely be a risky move. However, it could make the production stand out from the many existing franchises. Stahelski’s visual style and experience in action scenes could be an excellent combination for a black-and-white Tsushima film.


What is Ghost of Tsushima?


Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Set in 1274 on the eponymous island of Tsushima, the game revolves around the samurai Jin Sakai (Daisuke Tsuji), one of the few survivors of the first Mongol invasion of Japan.

Jin must learn a new fighting style, the Way of the Ghost, to defeat the Mongol forces and fight for his people’s and the island’s freedom. Jin finds himself in a moral conflict. For according to the strict samurai code (Bushido), it is dishonourable to fight in stealth. Nor does he get his uncle’s approval, the lord of Tsushima Island.

The film is scheduled for release next year. But it may take longer than expected, as Stahelski wants to take his time with the project to make a proper adaptation of the game. So, for now, we can get a taste of his work in John Wick 4, the longest film in the franchise.

Source: IGN

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