Far Cry Leak: Surprising News For Fans!

The next instalment in Ubisoft’s famous open-world first-person shooter franchise, Far Cry, seems to be a long way off – if it ever gets made at all.



Fans who have been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the next big Far Cry entry may be disappointed. A certain leaker has posted on Twitter that Far Cry 7 is not even in development. ScriptLeaksR6 has become known for leaking information on several Ubisoft titles, including Rainbow Six Siege and, more recently, Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Over the past decade, Ubisoft has been pumping out Far Cry games roughly every two years: Far Cry 6 was the latest in a long line of Far Cry titles that contributed to what many gamers express as “Ubisoft open-world fatigue”.

Ubisoft seems to be taking its time with the next big FC game. It may instead try to remedy these problems.

On Twitter, ScriptLeaksR6 stated that development of the expected next big title in the series, FC 7, has not yet begun. It is unknown if Ubisoft plans to continue the title in the future. As it stands, it appears to be taking a break from the series.

While it is likely that the seventh instalment would be the next big game in the franchise, it should be remembered how the series has stuck to a publishing pattern over the past decade. Smaller standalone spinoffs or sequels have always followed large, numbered entries. FC 3 was followed by Blood Dragon, and in 2016 came Primal after FC 4, which was based on the same map. FC 5 was followed by New Dawn, which continued the story less than a year later. With that said, the next Far Cry title may not even be the seventh instalment but a smaller standalone title.

If we officially learn that Far Cry 7 is supposedly not in development, it will surely disappoint fans who are eagerly awaiting the next big entry.

This is good news for others who feel that Ubisoft needs to take a step back and re-evaluate how often it releases FC titles. The giant publisher has been having a tough time of it lately, with several projects on hold.

Source: Twitter

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