Is Resident Evil 4 Remake Less Challenging At A Higher Frame Rate? [VIDEO]

The game running on the RE Engine might be easier if it runs at a higher frame rate.


The original version of Resident Evil 4, released in 2005, wasn’t easy either, and we’re not just talking about the QTEs that can sometimes kill you unexpectedly. The remake has taken it further, making it a more challenging experience by default, and then there are the Hardcore and Professional difficulty levels. But on PC, the higher frame rate (though you’ll need a stronger config for it, as the Denuvo in Resident Evil 4 Remake is also overloaded by Capcom’s DRM) can be tricked, presumably due to a bug in the game’s physics.

It has been revealed on Reddit that the rate of fire of firearms is tied to the frame rate. If you get more frames per second, the magazine will empty faster than if you run Resident Evil 4 2023 as a slide show. Multiple weapons must be tried, so it is not a one-off, exceptional case. For example, emptying the LE-5 SMG magazine at 30 FPS takes about 3 seconds to clear, but at 120 FPS, it takes about 2 seconds. WCCFTech tried it with the TMP, and there was a noticeable difference, which can make a life-saving difference on a higher difficulty.

Oddly, in another RE Engine game, Monster Hunter: Rise, the higher frame rate made it more complicated (as monster attacks’ tracking improved due to the higher FPS), while Leon S. Kennedy’s to save the President’s daughter became easier. And there’s one more bug worth pointing out. A speedrunner discovered that using a sniper rifle to glitch your way through a locked door from the other side is possible. However, Capcom will surely fix it soon, as it allows you to skip significant parts of the game.

On April 7, Resident Evil 4 Remake will get the Mercenaries mode, which we recently wrote more about.

Source: WCCFTech

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