Windows 11: A Careless Update Can Lead To Ads In The Start Menu!

TECH NEWS – We could understand Microsoft’s move if the operating system were free (and you didn’t have to pay for the license key for any of its versions). However, it’s not free (and we’re not talking about their older Windows 10 promotion…).


As a result of late capitalism, Microsoft is again testing ads in the Windows 11 Start menu. BleepingComputer discovered it in an OS version still under testing. It could be used to mockingly say that users with Insider privileges can try out the ads before the wider launch. We can call it an update that ‘thanks’ to which Microsoft can make money off us.

KB5023778 is a non-security Windows 11 update that may arrive with the official patch in April. It is not mandatory to install it, and it will improve Microsoft Defender, but it is worth staying away from it because of the ads. No one likes ads. Of course, the Redmond company doesn’t call them that, preferring to call them “notifications” in the Start menu and notifying users of other Microsoft products on the OS. Advertising, regardless of how you look at it. Microsoft is advertising itself.

Users have already started sharing pictures of OneDrive ads, or Microsoft is nagging them to finish signing up for a Microsoft account. OneDrive can be particularly annoying when it pops up in almost every program, telling you just to use it a little. Windows Insider users have already been getting ads in Explorer, the basic file manager (we have a workaround: Total Commander). Microsoft has said that it was just an experiment.

Why should it be tricky not to have to make a Microsoft account, not have to keep updating the operating system, and use a different start menu? Microsoft treats Windows as a service, not a simple offline program, especially since Windows 10. It is amazing what Microsoft is doing with its monopoly. After all, don’t be surprised if Sony opposes Activision’s acquisition of Blizzard King.

Source: PCGamer

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