Will the Wizards’ Favorite Sport Be Playable in Hogwarts Legacy?

Harry Potter fans will be delighted to learn that Hogwarts Legacy, a video game that lets you explore the wizarding school and its surroundings, will also let you play quidditch, the most popular sport among wizards, in a later DLC. The game developers have not officially confirmed this information yet, but there are several clues that point to it.


Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG that takes place before the Harry Potter books and movies, in the 19th century. Players can create their own wizarding student, who has to choose a house, learn spells, and get into adventures at Hogwarts and beyond. The game offers plenty of opportunities for exploration and fun, but one thing is missing from it: quidditch.

Quidditch is the sport of wizards, which they play on broomsticks. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible by throwing balls through three hoops, while avoiding the opponent’s beaters and trying to catch the golden snitch, a small winged ball that is worth 150 points and ends the match. Quidditch plays an important role in the Harry Potter stories, as Harry himself was a quidditch player and had many exciting moments on the pitch.

However, in Hogwarts Legacy there is no option to play quidditch. The game does have a quidditch pitch, but it was closed by the school’s headmaster, Professor Black, for a security reason. However, many people think that this is just an excuse to leave out the sport from the game and add it later in a paid DLC. This is also suggested by the fact that the game already has brooms and balls that could be used for quidditch.

Another possible DLC could be Azkaban prison. Azkaban is an island prison where the most dangerous dark wizards are locked up. The prison is guarded by dementors, who suck out people’s souls and happiness. The game has a side quest where Hufflepuff students have to go to Azkaban to free a prisoner. However, this is only a short trip that is not available to every house. Many people suspect that this is just a taste of what we could see in an Azkaban DLC.

Hogwarts Legacy therefore still has many surprises in store for Harry Potter fans. Hopefully we will soon find out when the quidditch and Azkaban DLCs will arrive and what other additions are planned for the game. Until then, let’s enjoy the magical world that Hogwarts Legacy offers us. Maybe even Harry Potter would be proud of us.

Source: GameRant

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